If your child has never been seen by our office, you will need to get a referral letter from another doctor. This could be your family physician, a medicentre doctor or an obstetrician if you recently gave birth. They will need to fax the referral to our clinic: 587-521-5698.

‚ÄčTo book an appointment with Dr. Sharon, you can book online here. You can call our office at 587-521-5700 (for first-timers: please make sure the referral letter has been sent).
Due to the rapid growth of Dr Sharon's practice, sick appointments online can now only be booked on the day of the appointment or 24 hrs prior. If you need to get your child in and no online appointment is available, please call our office and we will triage each case individually.

Our main purpose is to serve our patients. This means that we will do our best to accommodate an appointment for your child as soon as possible. For sick children during weekdays/business hours, we will try to fit your child in 1-2 days. For emergencies at any time, please go to the nearest hospital to you, or dial 911.